Ultra 470
Stage 2
Street & Strip
The ultra 470 has it all.

T/A Stage 2 SE heads
T/A shaft mounted roller rockers
T/A Hyd. Roller cam
T/A timing cover
AM&P  HP oil pump
T/A SP1 intake
T/A aluminum valve covers
T/A 6 quart pan
T/A HD water pump
T/A damper and flexplate
MSD distributor and coil
Quick Fuel 950 carburetor
Forged Diamond pistons
H-beam rods
Selected block
 thermal cleaned
 pressure checked
 sonic checked
 all oil modifications
 bored & honed w/plates
 align honed w/studs
 drilled for T/A aluminum heads
Selected crank
 thermal cleaned
 liquid magnafluxed
 chamfered oil holes w/ scoop milled mains       
offset ground to 3.950 stroke
 micro polished
Forged pistons and H-beam rods
Flow bench tested Street / Strip porting
 guides precision wet honed
 seats prepped with multi-angle carbide cutters
 professionally assembled
Rotating assembly balanced to .5 grams

Blue printed & professionally assembled

Dyno tuned
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