Rod and
Piston Work
Clean rods - each                                                    3.50
Remove & replace press fit each                        10.00
Remove & replace With spiral locks each           H.R.
Check big end - each                                              4.00
Check big end & hone to size each                    10.00
Re-condition rods   using stock bolts - each     24.00
Re-condition rods   using HP bolts - each          28.00
Magnaflux rods - each                                            4.00
Pin-fit small end - each                                           8.50
Re-bush small end - ea                                           Price on request
Drill & chamfer oil holes each                                5.00
Pin fit piston - each                                                 8.50
Fly-cut reliefs, dome machining & contouring      Price on request
The first step is to clean which our method is to oven bake (which also stress relieves)
then shot blast. This process eliminates all grease and rust leaving a like new appearance.
Rods and caps are cut, bolt holes chamfered then new ARP bolts are pressed in, caps attached
then torqued and loosened five times before resizing to reduce the friction factor when torquing  
Rods are then resized to spec and checked with
a precise gage to insure crush and roundness
Small ends of rods are checked with a precise
gauge to insure that there will be a proper press fit
Yes even new parts must be checked. This set of pistons were in
tolerance but per our spec a couple needed some slight honing
Pistons and rods are laid in a pattern of rights and lefts, rods heated and pistons installed
Note that pistons that are press fit should never be pressed on without heating the rods
with a controlled temperature.
Rod reconditioning, rod rebuilding, HP rod bolts, ARP, rod resizing