The original AM&P "Mule"
525 lb ft of torque and 425HP
$5,500 turn key
carb to pan,damper to flex plate
Our first mule was built for the purpose of testing various some 455 specific parts such as  a
crankshaft scraper, different oil pump assemblies etc.
After customer requests for a price on it, we decided to sell it and build another.

The "Mule" was such a hit on its economical price and "free core" we have decided to build them
as parts become available to do them at a price discounted form our regular crate engines.
Please note that these engines will have blocks that do not clean up at .030, cranks that wont
clean up at .010 -.010, and may have some really good used parts. To keep the price down a
carburetor and distributor must be furnished
The AM&P
Short block
New cast pistons, moly rings,
re-conditioned rods with ARP bolts,
.020-.010 crank, assembly balanced
Delta Cams hyd 230-236/.480 lift
picture of pistons
oil filter housing with new AM&P
blue-printed gears and wear plate
cover and housing have S/S oil
setting installed height
Difference between T/A Stage 1
springs that have 105 seat and 310
open pressure and break-in springs
that have 60 seat and 200 open
combustion chamber with Stage 1
conversion and hard exhaust seats
combustion chamber with Stage 1
conversion and hard exhaust seats
Exhaust cross over plugged
A.I.R hole plugged                                machined heads and parts                        assembled heads with
                                                                                                         soft break in springs
break-in springs and hold down clamp        another of the same                                        same again        
'Mule" on engine stand complete
'Mule on dyno before cam break-in,
YEAH  I know the wires look awful but I
thought I had a new set in stock, I did
for an HEI. I will pick up a new set
tomorrow an put them on before I tune it.
After break in good oil pressure,
22lbs at 800 RPM with 218 degrees
oil temp and no leaks