2010 Amsoil Popular
Hot Rodding Engine
Masters Contest
The following are pictures of the progression of events doing the EMC
click on any picture to enlarge
Pictures at the shop testing
Pictures at University of Northwestern Ohio Monday before our scheduled participation
Pictures of the 434 in studio before competition
434 on dyno
One of the perks of the EMC is
meeting and talking one on one to
legends in the industry like
Ed Iskenderian and Nick Arias
The 434 performed flawlessly in
competition yesterday. The score was
2138.5 which finished the day 10th of
20 competitors
engines in que
Tony Bischoff, John Kasse & Ron Shaver
After day three and 10 more competitors have ran there engine we are 16th out of
thirty. There has been a lot attrition for those that were not able to tune to the spec
fuel supplied at the contest. Apparently the fuel supplied had an octane level way
less than the 91 it was supposed to be.
Competition observation room.
Big screen showing DTS dyno monitor
Thursday day four of the competition and after thirty eight competitors have
had their turn on the dyno and we finished 22th.