Dyno Services
Early 60's 327 Corvette engine
Phillip Oakley Motorsports Built
Eugene Croslin        Owensboro Ky
methanol bracket  racing engine
800 HP Small block Ford
NMCA True Street
Mayfeild Motorsports built
Doug Rahn's 1000 HP BB Ford
Mike Johnson's 598 cu in pump gas
street engine
 HP, Top Secret
SBC 355 351 HP
pump gas street engine
Neil Pate Owensboro KY
440 Mopar stock rebuild for show car
704 BB Chevy 1850 HP EFI NO2
NHRA Top Sportsman
Dennis and Ryan Hargett Evansville IN
3,517 HP worth of pump gas BB Buicks
AM&P customers from Boston to Miami
598 Cu in BB Ford 896 lb ft torque
1148 HP
Bobby Small Owensboro KY
635 HP 400 SBC
Bob Shrewsberry Owensboro KY
Todd and Gail Lawyer's 533 BBF
881.6 HP @ 6,700 RPM
by Evans Racing Engines
Not all dyno operators are created
equal, some are much bigger
Automotive Machine & Performance
State of the art DTS 2000HP 10,000 RPM engine dyno
Capable of testing and dialing in engines from Nostalgia
to nitrous assisted and blown engines of most
any size or combination

50 Channel data acquisition including dual
Lamda wide band O2
Automatic weather correction to obtain true
corrected torque and horsepower
If you are wanting inflated numbers from a
"loose" dyno you will have to go elsewhere
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710 HP 455 Buick
10.5 to 1  flat tappet cam 93 octane
pump gas engine street engine
802 HP 455 Buick Race engine
Bob Walker  702 ci V-12
Thunder V12
Evansville In
Mark Mcdonald         Evansville IN
Factory 600 HP LSX
Steve Reynolds
523 818 HP @ 6500
Buick Race engine
Don Bowles Madisonville KY
NMRA Hot Street engine
Built by
Phillip Oakley Motorsports
Bob Walker  702 ci V-12
Thunder V12  Pulling truck engine
Evansville In