Description of parts available
Intake manifold Splash shield
When replacing the factory bathtub gasket with composite intake gaskets two problems are
created if not dealt with.
1 - The hot oil splash off the lifters gets on the exhaust crossover of a stock manifold and becomes
a crusty mess eventually falling into the lifter valley.
On after market aluminum manifolds other than  the T/A SPX and the old KB Cool runner that splash
over heats the intake runners.
2 - On all manifolds running a PCV valve in the factory location the oil splash will be sucked into it
causing oil consumption and smoking.
The early way to solve this problem was to cut up the old bathtub gasket and secure it to the bottom
of the manifold which was somewhat difficult to do which sometimes resulted in cut hands or
sandwich it under the composite gasket and maybe end up with a leaking intake gasket.
I knew there had to be a better way so I designed this shield and have sold and used them since
Made from rust free aluminum, this sturdy drop in unit is simply sealed with silicone and is reusable.
A different model is made for the following
350 with stock manifold
350 with aluminum manifold
455 with stock manifold        
455 with SP1, Edelbrock B4B,  Edelbrock Performer and Poston
455 with SPX and KB Cool Runner

Oil Pan Baffle
The 400-430 455 engines came with a baffle from the factory bolted onto the main caps to  keep unwanted
windage off the oil above the oil pump pickup.
Windage will foam the oil and create cavitation which will destroy the engine if left unchecked.
The factory baffle can not be used with aftermarket rods as they will hit the baffle
This baffle is a viable alternative for either situation
Locking Dipsticks
I have this made for those applications that require a dipstick that locks in.
Comes with a weld on tab
I also have T/A replacement dipstick

Oil pickup tube screen
The factory screen is fragile and the bypass flap sometimes stick open.
It is so fine it stops the lint from oil filters and eventually  becomes clogged with enough debris to cavitate
the oil pump and eventually ruin an engine.
This screen is laser cut and replaces that factory screen with a performance oriented
style that will  not clog.
Flows more than 50% more oil than the stock screen

Lifter Valley Girdles
455 Buick engines were never built to be subjected to the punishment that we impose on them and
one of the weak points is the lifter valley
One of the first ways to lend support to the valley was to fill it with some sort of epoxy.
The problem with most epoxies not to mention the expense is cracking.
I have these plates made so that they can be epoxied in with JB Weld to improve support in the lifter

Crankshaft Scraper
The crankshaft scraper fits between the block and the oil pan gasket on the starter side of the
engine. It deflects oil slung off the crankshaft and rods back into the pan.
A gain in horsepower and less foaming of oil are benefits of the scraper.                        
It is laser cut for a close  fit to stock rods and crank counterweights on 400-430-455 engines.  
Because of factory tolerance variations or aftermarket rods you may find it necessary to trim some
of the areas for clearance.  Minimum recommended clearance is approximately .030" from the crank
counterweights and .060” from the rods

Oil Pressure Balance Line
Helps improve the oil flow and balance the oil pressure to the rear of stock block Buick 231-350 and 455
This addition to the oil system must be done as part of the block preparation before assembly.

Oil Pump Booster Plate
The booster / wear plate not only repairs worn oil filter housings, it reduces aeration
and redirects the bypass oil to the incoming oil and not directly into the pump gears for better efficiency.
                    Works on V-6, 350 and 455 engines
This is an improved version of the Kenne-Bell booster plate, it has the enlarged passage on the out going
side and also has anti-cavitation grooves.


Blueprinted Oil Pump Gears
Top quality Melling oil pump gears are modified to last longer and cause less wear on housings and wear
The idler gear is drilled to oil the idler shaft, the gears are then textured to run smooth with each other, then
the flats are lapped to prevent scratching the cover and wear plate

Engine Transport Stands
The stand is made for transportation of engines, they do not come with wheels for that reason.
Available for V-6, 350 455 and Nailhead engines
Because of the size of the box the shipping cost can sometimes be rather high
The best deal is when you buy 4 or more they ship free from the manufacturer.

Scavenger Oil system
Originally designed by Scott McConnell, the “Scavenger” external oil
system is manufactured by Finishline Motorsports for Automotive Machine & Performance
The Scavenger dramatically increases oil volume by eliminating the harsh 90 º  turns leading to the pump
through the block and the ones going back into the block through the cover.
By pulling and pumping through free flowing AN- lines and fittings the job the pump has is much easier.
As with any fluid system, a 90 degree turn restricts flow as much as 15 percent.
Using just standard pump gears the “Scavenger” will deliver  a more consistent volume of oil than a high
volume set of gears with out the heavy load on the cam and distributor gear.

By pulling and pumping through free flowing AN- lines and fittings the job the pump has is much easier.

The Scavenger is a complete kit, no other parts to buy, just assemble with your current pan and timing cover
Includes rear feed oil pressure balance line as shown