Tired of that lame 1970's design converter
Can't get a transmission to hold up under all that
Want the right transmission and converter for a Buick?
Let Automotive Machine & Performance get a converter
and transmission designed for the torque curve of your Buick
Automotive Machine & Performance has worked closely with Coan
for over 25 years to help design and chose the right
converters and transmissions for Buick engines

Just fill out the
car specification sheet and we  can supply a dyno sheet
from 350 stock engines to 528 cubic inch race engines
to get the right converter for your application

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TH-350 and TH-400 transmissions & converters      
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Hello Mike,
 I would like you to know the Coan 9" max performance converter
you spec
'd out for my car worked out great.
 The car is driven to track 120 miles round trip to track.    
When driven on the street the converter has no excessive
slipping from a stop
n track I foot brake to 3000 RPM and  It flashes to 5200 rpm .

Thanks Mike for all your help.
Tom Felice
Shop Foreman
Mercedes-Benz Manhattan