AM&P utilizes thermal cleaning, a far superior method of engine cleaning as compared to "hot
tanking", Thermal cleaning is also environmentally friendly, complying to EPA restrictions.
The oven has multiple burners which uniformly controls heat at 650-700 F
which is evenly distributed throughout the chamber. In an oxygen deficient atmosphere,  the
combustible hydrocarbons (sludge and oil/carbon and paint) decompose and parts leave the
oven completely dry.
Before and after thermal cleaning
ALL oil and water passage plugs are
removed to insure optimum results
during the thermal cleaning process.
After the heating process the parts are then placed in the steelabrator which removes the ash left over from the
bake oven using small steel beads.
The steelabrator removes all scale and rust as well as debris and casting sand from the inside as well as
outside of the engine for a like new appearance