Buick Dyno
These are just a few of Buick engines
that we have either built and or dyno tested
Automotive Machine & Performance
State of the art DTS 2000HP 10,000
RPM engine dyno
Capable of testing and dialing in
engines from Nostalgia to nitrous
assisted and blown engines of most
any size or combination
50 Channel data acquisition including
dual Lamda wide band O2 and automatic weather correction
to obtain true corrected torque and horsepower
If you are wanting inflated numbers
from a "loose" dyno you will have to go elsewhere
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Buick dyno
Derwin Adkins Chicago Illinois
Stealth 464
Steve Reynolds        818 HP @ 6500 Race engine
Clifton Won     Honolulu Hawaii
464 Stealth
Bill  Moore Hawthorne CA.
350 Buick street engine 91 octane
376 lb ft torque  336 HP@5000
Bob Nunes Chicago IL
We did not build this engine but Bob
found out the advantages of dynoing
a fresh engine.
Chuck Limpert's ultimate stealth 470
Performer intake, Q-Jet, AM&P S/S ported heads,T/A hydralic roller cam and rockers
10.3 to 1 compression, 92 octane pump gas, 12" vacuum at 900 RPM
584 lb ft of torque at 4100   564 HP at 5600
Jeff Horsman    Rowlette Texas
SPX-870 Holley-T/A 1.6 rockers
Gessler ported Stage 1 iron heads
Custom flat tappet Hyd. cam
Mark Kistner        Glen Carbon IL
What is better than an AM&P Street 1 engine?
Ask Mark, he has two
Ken Shup        St. Louis MO
Hydraulic roller Street 2
John Irby  V-6
This is a turbo engine that we broke
the cam in on the dyno carburetor
Bill Erickson         Rockford IL         Max 470 Stage 2 pump gas
Dyno Torque   590.9 lb. ft @ 5100        Dyno HP      669.1@ 6300    RPM
Bill works at Ken's Street Rod Repair so he painted it there to match the car
Gerard Krajewski        Holland NY
Pump gas Stage 1 Street engine
Dyno HP      571.3 @   5900 RPM
Russell Brown        Elliot IL
Stage 2 pump gas street engine
Don Kemp        Algonac,MI
550 HP Pump gas street engine
SPX intake modified for use on SE
heads with SE ports raised .150 with
an intake spacer made by Steve (SRE)
Ted Nagel Cincinatti Ohio   425 Nailhead 2x4
365 smooth idle HP
561.6 torque @4100
545.5 HP @ 5500
14.3" vacuum @890 RPM
9.6 -1 compression "Pump Gas"
Anonymous Customer from Sweden
Dyno Torque   555.4 lb. ft @ 4300 RPM
Dyno HP   510.9 @ 5100 RPM
not so Stealth "Stealth 470"
Greg Clark  Anderson Indiana 401 NH
453 Lb ft torque  353 HP
Croy Harris 3rd AM&P engine for his 87 GN  
We have adaptors to break-in the cam and run
these engines under a load to seat the rings
All dyno operators are not equal
Some are much larger
Jim Lumb
Torque   514.8 lb. ft @ 3600
HP     409.7 @ 5100   RPM
Larry Martello
657.8 HP @ 6300
601.8 torque @ 5000
Todd McLemore  "Street 1"
407 HP @ 5100
torque 518.4 @3300