455 Buick Cylinder Block Machine Work Prices  
Most prices also apply to V-6, 350 and Nail Head engines   

pre-clean  (remove all galley & freeze plugs)          45.00
thermal clean and shot blast                                   85.00
square deck                                                           150.00
blueprint deck (max .040 removed)                       200.00
bore and hone with torque plates                          240.00
competition cylinder wall finish                    add       35.00
modify oil passages                                                 85.00
3  o'clock cam oiling                                                 50.00
install cam bearings                                                 75.00
install oil galley and freeze plugs                             33.00
Tap front galleys for pipe plugs includes plugs        30.00
align-hone main housing bore                               200.00
install T/A main girdle (includes align hone)          550.00
drill and tap for Stage 2 heads                                80.00
remove block pads                                                  35.00                
fill with HardBlok including material                        260.00
T/A lifter valley girdle installation                           150.00                
It is necessary to check
many times during
honing to insure that
cylinders are round
and without taper
Our tolerance is held
to .0002
Yes that is two tenths
of a thousand
Honing with a torque
plate on the 455 is
imperative as the
cylinder walls flex as
much as .003-.005
when head is torqued
Block girdle after
Deck surface of block
being machined