State of the art
Hines computerized balancer
Standard Passenger V-6 or V-8                                255.00  
4 - cylinder                                                                    200.00
Balance Crankshaft V-6 or V-8                                  168.00  
Balance Crankshaft Straight 4 or 6 cylinder             137.00
Balance Pistons Each                                        hourly rate
Balance Rods  Each                                           hourly rate
Balance Flywheel or flex plate Plate                            68.00
Balance pressure plate
(after flywheel is balanced) per hour                            60.00
Heavy Metal Installation Labor Each                           63.00
Welding and Excess Metal
Removal  per hour                                                         75.00
NEEDED FOR BALANCING: Crank, rods, pistons & pins,
locks, rings, bearings,flywheel and bolts,pressure
plate and bolts, Vibration damper and bolt. All parts
must be clean and unassembled (pistons off rods
and rings off pistons etc.)
click  picture to enlarge
Shown in the picture on the left is a new flywheel
that has been matched balanced to the old one to
an out of balance of 114 grams at position 16 at 6
inches radius.
Before balancing the new flywheel was 121grams
at position 17. This difference of 7 grams at 6"
radius is the same as 42 pounds of force at 4000