About Us

Automotive Machine & Performance was established in 1989  by Mike Phillips and  the late Fred Wilkerson
on the premise that top quality machine work and engine building services should not be just for big cities,  
the east or west coast or Nascar Country

AM&P in centrally located in the Ohio Valley,
200 Miles east of St. Louis MO, 210 Miles South of Indianapolis IN,
135 miles North of Nashville TN.
And 110 miles SW of Louisville KY.
Mike and Fred's Promise

1-Your job no matter how
big or small, no matter
what the profit or loss for
that matter, will be done to
the best of our ability and in
a timely manner.

2-If you are not satisfied,
we are not either.

3-If we are  not satisfied, the
job is not done yet.

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