Jimmy Crowe
Although we did not work on bikes,
Jimmy was a personal friend of Fred's
pictures that some of my most valued friends and customers sent or delivered that decorated the walls of  the office at AM&P
I am building this wall so that those of you who sent them and did not get to see them
and those that got to see them and want to see them again
I put these up as I took them out of the box so don't be mad if you are not first

Tom Rix - Spring Grove IL
Tony Shields - Newport KY
Brent Cole - Owensboro KY
Fred Wilkerson - Owensboro KY
Ian Fitsgerald and his "Mum"
Hampshire UK
Jordan McGehee - Owensboro KY
Marvin Marksberry - Owensboro KY
David Daily - Robards KY
Philip Montgomery - Knottsville KY
Vance and Terry Turner - Lewisport KY
John DeCoudreaux - Chicago IL
Ralph Whitler - Evansville IN  
Kay Schnitker - Pratt KS
Tom Righter - Green Lane PA
Ron Rygelski - Glenshaw PA
Bennett Blakely - Chicago IL
Richard Fitzmaurice - Homer Glen IL
Bobby "RABBIT" Daniels - Owensboro KY
Tony Estes - Rockport IN
Keenan O'Connell - Hardinsburg KY
Phillip Oakley - - - - - - - -  -  Philpot KY
   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Bob Shrewsberry - - -  Owensboro KY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<< Bob Tron - Owensboro - KY >>>>>>>>>>>
Jim Rorabaugh - Irwin PA
Roy Pharis - Beaver Dam KY
Jeff Sanok - West Seneca NY
Jeff Horsman - Rowlette TX
Randy Hosler - Clarkston,MI.
David Wright - Nottingham England
Asaneko Green -  Richmond CA
Charlie Amaral - New Port Ritchie FL
Norb Buziewicz - Erie PA  
Perry Carlini - Arlington Heights IL
Barry Claridge  - Elberfield IN
Steve Russo - Chicago IL
Ian Fitsgerald - Hampshire UK
Jose Iracheta - Tucson AZ  
William Lanier Jr. - Sea Cliff NY  
Joe Davis - Goodlettsville TN
Steve Reynolds "SRE" - Manitowoc WI
Lynn & Raymond Ellison
Central City KY
Steve Schlater - Toledo Ohio
Leroy Lester - Hatfield IN
Jeff Horsman - Rowlette TX
Mickey Hall - Owensboro KY
Kristina Lawyer - Evansville IN
Warren Silvers - Evansville IN
Josh Harmon - Rockport IN
Carl Creque - Chicago IL
Eddie Robbins - Evansville IN
Charlie Evans - Owensboro KY