The Scavenger is equally at home on the V-6 as it is on the V-8 Buick
By eliminating the harsh 90 degree turns in the block both on suction and
pressure side the stock oil pump gears are more than adequate.

Thanks to Steve Hughes for furnishing the pictures of his Scavenger
installation on his Stage 2 powered GN.

On the V-6 installation you must notch the frame such as the photos below

Click on any picture to enlarge
Pictures of a typical oil filter
mount and location
Pictures of block modifications to run a Stage 1 timing cover and Scavenger on a Stage 2
Hole circled in red  is drilled to
bypass oil back to the gears
Oil is feed to the block from the oil filter to this hole in the front of the block on the Stage 2
Oil is fed from the passenger galley
to the mains on Stage 2
Cam bearings are fed oil from
the mains on Stage 2
Groove must be made and hole drilled to feed oil to the driver side galley
Holes drilled to feed oil to the lifters,
then plugged on galley side

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