Stage 1 Cylinder
Head Conversion
Basic Stage 1 Conversion
Labor charges                                                          
Thermal cleaning                             54.00        
Magnaflux                                          35.00         
Replace guides                              144.00           
Stage 1 PLUS  conversion.          240.00          
*open for oversize valves                                                          

*un-shroud combustion chambers                                         
3-angle performance valve job     175.00           
resurface heads                            
             Total labor              723.00
cast spiral groove valve guides     
T/A  valves                                        225.00      
2.125 intake 1.750 exhaust
stainless steel - swirl polished          
*Viton valve stem seals                
Stage 1 plus valve springs          1
             Total parts 3
   Total Parts and Labor            $1106.65                                     
Opening for oversize valve            Before un-shrouding                  un-shrouding process                after un-shrouding
                                                  Option list

30,000 series unleaded exhaust valve seats (installed) -------------------------------------176.80
Dual valve springs
 (includes cut spring pads and hardened shims and set installed height)------241.35
   includes cut spring pads and hardened shims and set installed height                 
Phosphorus bronze guides installed and wet honed -------------------------------------------76.20
Competition Multi-angle valve job  (must do with port work)---------------------------------- 70.00
Plug four exhaust crossover holes ------------------------------------------------------—------- 60.00
Plug eight A.I.R. holes in late heads -------------------------------------------------------------- 40.00
Back-cut intake valves (most economical H.P. gain, must do with port work)-------—---- 24.00
Street-Strip Port, flow test      ( int. flow min. 250 cfm @ .450 lift) -----------—-----------  700.00
Competition port, polish, flow test and balance —————————-----—-—-   from 1000.00
minimum 275 cfm intake   190 exhaust                             
Core charge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------100.00 and up                          
Milling heads to reduce cc's requires cutting the intake side of the head so the intake manifold
will align.  Including checking cc's it is $20.00 per cc to cut both heads and intake side

PLUS FLOW PREMIUM CONVERSION includes first four options  ———————-$1631.00                
with competition valve job and street/strip port and flow ————————-——-    $2331.00        
All port work verified with on our computerized SUPER-FLOW SF 600 flow bench with the  
Brezinski slider system which correctly aligns head over bore for more exacting measurements

Although it is costlier, we can now get 290 + CFM on the intake and almost 200 CFM on the exhaust.

Don’t be fooled by some wild claims, we have tested most of the products ported by other  
so-called Buick experts and their flow numbers just do not come up to what they claim.                 

                    ~~~~~~~~~~ Prices  as of January  2013 ~~~~~~~~~~                            

All of our ported heads are verified with our                
computerized Super Flow SF-600 flow bench.
All runners are checked and a complete flow
sheet comes with all heads
What is a Stage 1 Plus Cylinder Head Conversion?

1 - Thorough cleaning with a thermal cleaning system and shot blasting to a like new appearance
2 - Magnafluxing to insure a sound product to work with
3 - Chasing the threads in all bolt holes  
4 - Installation of new guides and properly sized
5 - Pocket porting to Stage 1 valve size with improved angles
6 - Enshrouding of combustion chambers
7 - Valve job ( concentric to less than .0005 ) done with state of the art equipment by Sunnen  
8 - New T/A stainless steel, swirl polished chrome stem valves
9 - New springs retainers and locks from  T/A Performance, AM&P, Lazer, Isky  or Comp Cam
10 - New brass freeze plugs installed
11 - Heads are then thoroughly washed and professionally assembled  
checking the following:
A - valve stem to guide clearance
C - stem height
D - retainer to guide and retainer to seal clearance
E - Valve spring installed height ( shimmed as necessary )
F - Valve spring open and closed pressure ( as per cam specifications )
G - Lubricated with high pressure lubricant

Heads are then placed in plastic bags to prevent contamination

These procedures are done on each conversion from the basic to competition

A complete blueprint is made on each conversion

Flow sheets are provided with all ported heads not just one cylinder all cylinders

So as you can see Automotive Machine and Performance has  
            definitely put the PLUS in a Stage 1 conversion
Heads awaiting
conversions and porting