The Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge presented by Popular Hot Rodding magazine is
recognized as the premier engine building competition anywhere. Having given birth to what
is now being called "Dyno Racing", this newest form of motor sport has enabled engine
builders from all racing disciplines to compete flywheel-to-flywheel for the title
"World Champion Engine Builder."
  Automotive Machine and Performance came with a Buick to do battle
in the Xtreme Division.  
Using a production style Buick, competing against exotic race only
engine configurations. Though this 455 might seem out of place in a
category requiring over 8000 rpm for repeated dyno pulls, this  
beautifully detailed engine ran through the required qualifying pull
without any sign of strain. Peak power produced during the qualifying
session was an impressive 802 horsepower,( it still made 774 at 8000)
while torque was also well represented, turning a maximum of 661 lb-ft.
The engine finished qualifying with a score of 2779.4.
We knew going in that were way out classed but we just wanted to show
that not only could we show up, unlike nine of the competitors, but lay
down some rather incredible numbers at a more incredible RPM for a
stock block, stock crank engine.
  As a side note, the short block in this
engine is Perry Carlini's 2002 GSE
race engine.         Thanks Perry
Click on link below to see our
past PHRM EMC entries
2003-2011 EMC
 Short block        
          4.350 bore x 3.900  stroke
  Stock block filled to the deck with HardBlok and fitted with
  a T/A block girdle and AMP lifter bore plates
  All AM&P oil mods, AM&P Scavenger oil system & T/A timing cover
  Custom 9 quart SRE aluminum oil pan
  Stock crank prepped for 2.00 rod journal by
          Seal's Performance cranks
  JE dome pistons and Manley 6.800 aluminum rods
  T/A damper
  Internally balanced by AM&P

  .650 lift T/A roller cam and lifters
  1.60 T/A roller rockers & 3/8 Comp Cams push rods
   T/A Stage 2 TE aluminum heads
          prepped and race ported by AM&P
          custom 2.250 Titainium intake valves
          T/A 1.76 stainless exhaust valves
          Comp Cams Light weight tool steel retainers
          PSI NASCAR valve  springs
  T/A SPX intake part matched to high port heads
          with SRE manifold  spacers

   Quick Fuel  1250 QFX carburetor

   MSD ignition and Taylor wires

   Q-16 VP race gas
    This engine now has been ran in 3 Engine Masters events
It is the same as it was in 2011 with the exception of hydraulic roller lifters
replacing the solid roller lifters, a larger carburetor and the RPM range
from 2500-6500 to 3000-7000
    Some may ask why we used the same engine again, it was a matter of
money, most people forget that we are a small shop with only one full
time employee other than myself.
    We showed up for the 10th time, we competed for the 10th time, we
looked great and ran great and was in one piece when it was over for the
10th time and placed 22 out of 35 entries an 1 alternate.
                            649 HP and 574 lb ft torque