I thought those of you that knew Fred might like to see some of the memories
that I have of him as my long time partner and friend
To those that didn't know him I want you to know about my friend.
Fred's favorite color was green as you might tell by the background
In memory of
Frederick L. Wilkerson
Fred was a Viet Nam war veteran

Fred was a member of the VFW and American Legion

As a long time member of the NRA Fred loved his weapons and his right of ownership.

He loved a good steak and glass of Kentucky Tavern

Drag Racing was his passion but He loved his wife Faye and his three sons

If you were lucky enough to be his friend you had a true friend indeed

If you were one of his customers he let you know exactly what you had and what you needed, he was not
one to beat around the bush, if your stuff was junk he blatantly told you about it. He was never trying to
degrade you but to help you in his own way, he just didn't want you to spend good money on bad.
Fred's race cars:  1957 Chevy (left)  1968 Camaro (right)
Me, Carrol Shrewsberry & Fred  
early 90's at the shop on Daviess St.
Fred, Rabbit & Me
I think this was 2003
Fred's Wife Faye, son Brian and Fred
Fred and his mother Martene