Buick Dyno
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Steve Beddard of Daytona Beach Florida brought his engine to be dyno'ed while at
the GS Nationals
Steve was not on hand the night of the tests but a few others came to the shop to
check things out.
Steve had built this engine from Stage 1 TE's from T/A Performance.
AM&P supplied the block, reciprocating assembly, blue printed timing cover and
other internal parts.
550 lb ft of torque and 535 HP
The AM&P test  "Mule"
9.4 to 1 93 octane pump gas engine

541.3 lbs ft of torque @ 3600RPM
416.3 HP @4900 RPM
Un-ported Stage 1 conversion heads
210-225 Hydraulic cam
Tom Rix
Spring Grove IL
This is the first iron head, dual plane intake,
Q-jet carburetor "PUMP GAS" engine that we
have done.

10.18 to 1 compression
544.3 lb ft of torque @ 4100 RPM
502.7 HP @ 5500
Needless to say Tom was well pleased
"Dyno Dave" Wink  (on left) had predicted 500
Tom Rix                                                 597.7 HP @ 6,100 RPM
Spring Grove IL                                547.4 lb ft of torque @ 5,400 RPM
"Factory Iron Stage 2

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Norb Buziewicz         Erie PA.         514 "Bulldozer
Norb wanted an engine like the 2005 Popular Hot Rodding Engine
Masters engine with great street manners and requested a 4150 style
What he got was a whopping 657.1 lb ft or torque @ 4,500 RPM and 665
HP @ 5,900 RPM. Notice that it made 630 lb ft of torque @ 4,000 RPM
This engine just edged out Mike Nussell's engine for the #2 slot on all
time high HP pump gas street engines. I think it is because the SPX is so
much better than the 30 year old Offy of Mike's.
Bore: 4.350   JE pistons
Stroke: 4.325 Moldex billet
Compression: 11.1 to 1
Fuel:  93 octane "pump gas"
Heads: AM&P race ported T/A Stage 2
Intake: T/A SPX
Carb: 850 Barry Grant Mighty Demon
Cam: 261-267 .588 lift LAZER solid
T/A girdle, timing cover, rockers, valve
covers, damper, flexplate
SRE oil pan and AM&P Scavenger oil
Juan Rodriguez of Miami Florida brought his original 70 Stage
one engine to AM&P to undo all the problems incured from the
previous engine builder.
It had spun a rod bearing on the dyno and the previous builder
blamed a brand new T/A timing cover.
In evaluating the failure of the 455 Buick engine of Juan
Rodriguez I found the following.
1-The center cap seemed not to be the original. When bolted
and torqued in place it was on size and round but was offset
toward the front causing the thrust bearing to wear on the cap
half on the front and the block half to the rear. I can’t imagine
that the thrust clearance was ever checked.
2-The piston rings were not seating properly on the lands as if
the rings were spiraled onto the pistons instead of installed with
a ring installation tool.
3-On inspection of the cylinder heads the valves were “blued”
as if the engine was ran really lean.
4-The dual valve springs had been installed on the stock spring
retainers which are not meant for dual springs. This caused the
springs to cock to the side and may have been the reason that
the free length of the springs varied so much. The springs were
not usable since the pressures varied so much.
5-On inspection of the timing cover and oil filter housing I could
only assume that some foreign material caused the relief valve
to stick. I only replaced the oil pump gears because of a few
dings in the teeth.
6-After breaking in the cam with the outer springs only with my
dyno carburetor, I made a moderate 3000-4000 RPM pull with
Juan's carburetor and found the AF to be above 15-1 which
confirmed my earlier suspicion of a lean condition. A secondary
rod change brought the AF into the 13-1 range.
Cory Harris
How sweet is it that you get
two babys in the same month.
One under 8 lbs and the other
over 550 (ft lbs that is)
Jeff Sanok        West Seneca NY
10.5 to 1 Street 2
Dyno HP  545.6    @ 5700  RPM
Andre Holloway        Birmingham AL
10.85 to 1 pump gas Stage 2 464
Dyno HP     595.7 @ 6000   RPM  
Mike Dickison        Monticello IN
Street 1
Barry Claridge        Elberfield IN
Street 2  Dyno HP  487.5 @ 5200  RPM