When it comes to Buick machine work and engine building there is no
Voodoo or black art and there are not to many trade secrets.

With a few oil system modifications,  good machine work and proper assembly,
the  results are a Buick engine being just as good or better than a Ford or Chevy.

Automotive Machine & Performance prides itself in doing the best machine work,
engine assembly and dyno tuning available in the Buick community.
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Block work
Torque plate cylinder honing   V-6, 350 and 455
Stage 1 Plus oil system modifications including 3 o'clock cam journal oiling
T/A block and lifter girdle installation
Rod reconditioning and balancing the correct way
Crank stroking 470, 476, 482, 487 & 494
Timing cover rebuilding
Cylinder heads modified for unleaded use
Stage 1 cylinder head conversions
Buick heads
Street / Strip and race head porting
Drill and tap for Stage 2 heads
Dyno testing and tuning 350, nail head and 455
231 V-6, 350 and 455 Timing Cover Rebuild