The Automotive Machine & Performance 2006 Entry to the
Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Engine Masters Challenge
Specifications - list of parts and machine work - Costs to Build
This is positively the baddest 430 Buick engine on the planet
and it will run on pump gas
We made 87 dyno pulls on the 434
It was disassembled and found that it had performed flawlessly
These pictures are of the re-assembly
Click on pictures to enlarge
Bore                                 4.227
Stroke                              3.860
Cubic inches                   433.5
Compression ratio         10.42 to 1
Camshaft                          Lazer solid flat tappet   
           261-272 @.050 / .660-.670 lift
Rocker ratio                     1.65 to 1
Heads                                Ported stage 2 T/A
block girdle                        T/A
timing cover                       T/A
Oil system                          AM&P Scavenger
Intake                                  T/A SPX dominator intake
Ignition                                MSD
Carb                                   Custom calibrated
         Barry Grant 995 King Demon RS

653 HP   580 torque
Block machine work
Pre-clean block                              26.00
Oven bake and steelabrate            60.00
Pressure test                                  85.00
Sonic check                                  120.00
Drill and tap for stage 2 heads       80.00
Remove alignment pads                 35.00
AM&P 455 oil modifications            60.00
Modify for 3 o'clock cam oiling        50.00
Fit T/A block girdle                        550.00
Install Short fill Hardblok                150.00
Bore & hone w/ plates comp
Deck block ( blue print to .005)     150.00
Fit & epoxy lifter valley girdles       125.00
Install cam bearings                        55.00
Install galley and freeze plugs         27.00
Bore lifter holes to .875                 
total block work                 2133.00
Block parts
1969 430 block                             150.00
Short fill Hardblok                           65.00
T/A block girdle                            495.00
Lifter valley girdles                         35.00
Coated cam bearings                     90.35
Brass freeze plugs                         
total block parts                 850.30

total block work and parts        2983.30
Reciprocating assembly
Custom JE spherical dish pistons         945.00
Speed Pro low tension rings                165.40
Eagle H-beam rods                              495.00
Fed Mogul race rod bearings                 76.45
Fed-Mogul race main bearings             118.60
455 N crankshaft                                  
total reciprocating assembly parts       1998.45

Reciprocating machine work
Clean and liquid mag crank                    48.00
Scoop mill oil holes                                 45.00
Custom offset race grind crank             385.00
Blueprint rods                                        100.00
Balance assembly                                 
Total reciprocating machine work          823.00

Total parts and machine work             2798.45
Cylinder heads and manifold
Stage 2 SE castings                1450.00
2.16-1.76 valves                       269.00
Springs retainers and locks      189.90
Shims and seals                         40.65
SPX manifold                            379.95
Faith air intake collector           450.00
1/2” phenolic spacer                  
Total head parts                     2824.50

Install port intruders                  150.00
Install pushrod sleeves             100.00
New head prep                         160.00
Competition valve job               210.00
Correct stem height                    20.00
Set installed height & assemble  75.00
Competition port and flow
Epoxy runners & change to oval port        
Mill to 63 cc                              160.00
Port match intake to oval ports
Include epoxy floor
& fit Faith air collector              
Total machine work
& porting                               
Total head parts and work     
9 keyway timing set                        140.95
Custom cam                                   189.95
Billet lifters                                      345.00
Complete gasket set                      129.95
Custom aluminum oil pan               595.00
Scavenger oil system                     549.95
New T/A timing cover                     425.00
SS Timing cover bolts                     49.95
SS intake bolts                                54.00
1.65 T/A rockers                           695.00
Meizer water pump                        345.00
T/A powder coated valve covers   189.95
Breathers                                        22.00
T/A balancer                                 465.00
T/A flex plate                                 199.00
Balancer and flex plate bolts           20.00
Push rods                                      149.95
Dipstick tube kit                               65.00
Carb                                            1045.00
MSD race distributor & coil            490.00
MSD wire set and looms                149.95
Spark plugs                                     29.52
Paint and materials                          45.00
Oil and filters (first & 2 changes)   100.80
Total remaining parts                   
Custom race engine assemble with girdle
Includes blueprint to spec, trial fit assembly,
file fit rings degree cam
Dyno break in, install inner springs and
Total assemble and dyno                                        
Total cost of engine not counting hundreds
of hours of testing changing cams, lash, intake manifolds,
carburetors, rocker ratios, carb spacers

Degree Cam
Assembled heads
Lifter valley plates epoxied and oil drains
Precision Products billet lifters
653 Horsepower  
580 lb ft torque
windage tray and scrapers
Port matched to oval heads
T/A Stage 2 Street Eliminator heads were modified to oval port which reduced the
intake volume by 10 cc's.
The 434 cu in engine benefited by greater velocity and still flowed over 345 CFM
T/A 1.65 Shaft rocker arms
A Faith Air intake collector was utilized to maximize fuel
atomization. This is the most sophisticated carburetor
spacer on the market, it made almost 10 HP in the entire
range over the best transitional spacer.
The Scavenger Oil system uses factory style pump to redirect the oil from
the pan to the engine without all the harsh turns and restrictions in the
block. Note that the oil filter housing would normally be mounted on the
fender panel
This engine is complete from carb to pan
SFI approved damper to flexplate
Every part, down the last bolt is
brand new in and on this engine
except for the extensively
machined block and de-stroked
crankshaft. T/A Performance parts
were used almost exclusively.
The bore and stroke of this engine was determined to be
the best way to maximize power and stay within the limits of
the rules for the 2006 Engine Masters Challenge
Probably the only oval port T/A SE heads in existence