For the 2007 Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Engine Masters Challenge, Automotive Machine & Performance built
a 400 Big Block Buick similar to the 2006 434.
The rules for this years competition allowed any cubic inch engine to be utilized and the scores divided by the
cubic inches. Heads are the horsepower of the engine so using the smaller inch engine makes the most power per
cubic inch.
I am glad to report that even with all the problems we encountered in getting an engine together we did show up
and made some pretty impressive numbers placing 16th in the competition against 28 other competitors. The little
400 ( 10.5 compression on 91 octane pump gas, flat tappet cam) made 536 lbft of torque and 610 HP. I will have
the pictures and details on my website soon but i promised John Schmidt that I would let him have it for the Build
Sheet first.
I want to thank Mike Tomaszewski for going way out of his way to get the new Stage 2 400 heads done for me in
The biggest problem we has was somehow the pistons got shuffled on the back burner and we did not get them till
the Monday before the Thursday we had to have the engine in Ohio for the contest and they came in with the valve
relief’s wrong and I had to fly-cut them and do some massaging so they would even work. I finished the balancing
the rotating assembly Monday night at about 12:30. I went home and slept about 5 hours and when I got back
Tuesday morning my guys had everything cleaned and ready for assembly to start but then had to deck the block
again to get the compression back to 10.5. We started assembly about noon and had it on the dyno and broke in
the first cam by about 1:30 in the morning. We came back about 8AM on Wednesday and changed valve springs
and tested till about noon then changed cams and springs, broke it in then springs again. We tuned till about 10:30
that night and had not nearly tested things like different carburetors and the third cam I wanted to try but time was
up and we had to remove the engine from the dyno, load and get to Lima Ohio by 5PM on Thursday which is about
six hours non-stop from my shop. If I had so much as a flat tire I would not have made it by the deadline and would
have had to give up my spot to one of the alternates that were there waiting.